Thank you for visiting our store.  I hope you enjoy the works and share with your family and friends.  This was a step out on faith for us to bring to the body our gifts and talents for the Most High.

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  • Dionta Ward(YACHAD) says...

    TESTIMONY: an elderly woman around 85 years old with a cane knocked on my door yesterday this lady was a older JewISH lady she came to my door and asked me how did I know that name and who taught me as she saw me and my wife decals on our cars, her husband beginning to get excited trying to give me hugs and things saying oh praises to God… he than ask me where was I from and how did I know these things then the older lady said you are the only one in the world that knows that name I don’t believe this they walked away in shock all praises to the most high AHAYAH the true name is back in the land!!!

    September 17, 2017

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