To Home School: But How?

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No Excuses: How Working Parents Make Homeschooling Work

By: Krystle Crossman

There are many excuses that parents give for not taking the leap into home-schooling. One of them is that they work so they can’t possibly make the time to teach their children as well. Let’s debunk that myth right now shall we?

There are plenty of parents who work full-time while still home-schooling their children. Often times people will think that one of the parents has to quit their job while the other one picks up the slack with income but this is far from true. If you are committed to home-schooling your child there are options for you. Here are some of the ways that both parents are still working full-time and keeping their children home for schooling:

  1. Second shift – While many people dread working second shift or feel that they will not be able to advance their careers with it there are some parents who commit to working it to stay home during the day. Second shift can start in early afternoon or during the evening. There are many jobs out there that are solely second shift with plenty of room for advancement. This allows you to be home during the day with your children to learn. It also allows your family to sleep in a little later during the morning since no one is rushing off to catch the bus or make lunches.
  2. Think differently – Home-schooling actually requires less hours during the day than traditional schooling. You do not have to spend an hour or more getting the kids ready, they do not have to sit on a bus for half an hour to get to the school, and you do not have to worry about picking them up or dropping them off if there are no buses in your area. That is a few hours per day that you save right away. Traditional schooling consists of a set number of hours during the day because of school regulations. While you will still have rules that you will have to follow from home they are much more flexible. You can start the learning whenever you want and when you are done with the lessons for the day, you are done!
  3. Move shifts with your partner – Some parents like to swap shifts with their significant other so that they are able to home-school and still work. You can home-school in the afternoon and evening instead of during the day if that is what works for your family. Swapping shifts with your spouse allows you each to have time with your children. You can even split the home-school lessons so that some are done during the day with one parent and the rest is done at night with the other parent. It is a win-win for everyone!

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